Millhouse Shop



Our shop is located directly next door to the bakery in our milling arch where we offer a range of carefully selected goods from local suppliers we know and trust.


You can also pick up produce made on site at the bakery, such as our stone milled flour, house roasted coffee, handmade chocolate, granola, butter, pickles and preserves.


We stock a range of UK-grown organic fruit and vegetables from trusted regular suppliers as well as from our organic farm in Suffolk; as well as dried goods, unpackaged pulses, grains, seeds and nuts, baking equipment, books, ceramics, wine, beer and cider, eggs, cheese, chocolate, and fresh ice cream.


Either order online for same-day collection, home delivery or feel free to just come and browse.


We have introduced extra precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all our customers and staff.  You can come in and browse our shop, and sit in our backyard but we ask all customers to wear a mask and sanitise hands before entering. Please also keep at least 1 metre distance from others. We look forward to your visit!


Returns/ Refund Policy:

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase please let us know within 30 days, we’ll be happy to exchange your item where possible, or to offer a refund.

e5 Roasted Coffee Beans

Beans sourced from specialist importers who prioritise the livlihoods of coffee producers and sustainable produciton.

We use a Giesen roaster for small batch roasting at e5 Roasthouse in Poplar.


Made from a heavy drill cotton our aprons are produced in Norfolk. Designed and made by Sally, (Ben’s mum!) and screen printed by hand just down the road by East London Printmakers.

Hampson Wood Boards

If you have visited the bakehouse you may have noticed our nice shelves, counter, and the communal dining table in our shop.  These were all made by Jonty Hampson and Sascha Woods, collectively Hampson Woods.  They also produce a beautiful range of chopping boards, which we are proud to offer for sale in our shop.


We also stock a range of cane bannetons.

These baskets are perfect for allowing dough of approximately 1.5kg to prove in either an oval or circular shape.

Bread Making Tools

Apart from bannetons we also stock a wide range of products we use every day in the bakehouse to help you improve your baking skills at home.


For example: banneton brushes; e5 dough scrapers; tins; scorers; siliconised baking paper etc

Dutch Ovens

As anyone who has joined us for a bread class will know, one of the key ingredients in a great bake is steam.


For home baking, we recommend placing your dough in a dutch oven to help generate steam for an even bake in a conventional fan oven.

Opinel Bread Knives

The Opinel family have been producing these classic French bread knives at their factory in the French Alps since the 1890’s.


We use them everyday at the Bakehouse. Perfect for cutting through even the crustiest loaf.


We’ve curated a range of books by authors we think reflect the ethos of e5.


From cookbooks by those who have inspired us such as Andrew Whitley and Dan Robertson. To the inspirational and practical guide books from the The Do Book Co range including Do/Preserve and Do/Grow.


We’re also a proud stockist of the East London Food Book from Hoxton Mini Press. Which features in depth interviews with forty people at the heart of the culinary world in East London. Including our very own Ben Mackinnon!

Soendergaard Porcelain

Soendergaard Design was set up in 1995 by Danish potter Lars p.Soendergaard Gregersen.


Lars started his business in rural Suffolk, developing and selling his own models working within the Scandinavian tradition of design and function.


Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel made from the finest English porcelain, handles are hand pulled and all pots are fired by the craftsman himself.


We’re proud to offer a range of UK grain flour stoneground from our own mill on site at the bakery as well as suppliers we know and trust such as Stoate & Sons and Gilchesters Organics.


See if you can catch a glimpse of our miller working in the back of the arch when you stop by to pick up your flour!


We offer an excellent range of UK cheeses from our friends at Neal’s Yard, organic milk from Manor Farm in Dorset and organic butter churned here at the bakery.

Black Hand Charcuterie

Hugo from Black Hand is a familiar face at e5 having worked here as one of our baking team before leaving to concentrate on his charcuterie.


Black Hand Food is dedicated to providing the best cured and dried meat from the best producers the UK has to offer. All of which are handmade in their workshop in Hackney.

Preserves, pickles and sauces

Made on site at the bakery using organic produce by our chefs, the flavour of our preserves change with the seasons.


Stop by the shop to see what’s on offer this month.

Pump Street Bakery Chocolate

Over at Pump Street Bakery in Suffolk they’re not only producing some great quality bread and pastries but also are one of the few UK small batch producers of bean to bar chocolate.


After spending two years sourcing beans that come from owner-operated farms and cooperatives in fertile cacao-growing locations they hand select the beans and then carefully roast, winnow, grind and conch them for up to 5 days before maturing and tempering the chocolate into bars.

Nuts and Grains

We sell unpackaged, organic seeds, grains and nuts. Our pulses and grains are predominantly grown in the UK by pioneers Hodmeddods.


The same ingredients we use in our daily lunch and breakfast service. Check out our menu for inspiration of how to use them at home.


Price per weight.

Beer and Wine

We also carry a small selection of delicious beers from our friends down the road at The Kernel and Villages Brewery, cider from London Glider  and wine from Vinothentic.

Chash Teas

Chash tea may have an unual name derived from ‘chashitsu’, Japanese for ‘Tea Room’; but their aim is simple, to hunt out the worlds finest teas and put them in British tea cups around the UK.


As well as being passionate about showcasing quality tea they also care about the land it grows on. The material used for their tea pouches is biodegradable and the packaging is suitable for recycling.

Honest Toil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed from hand picked Greek Koroneki olives.

This oil is unbleached, unfiltered and bursting with flavour, fresh from a small scale family run grove.

Bring a refill bottle and pay by weight.

e5 Bean to Bar Chocolate

Our own house made bean to bar chocolate, sourced from sustainable cocoa farmers and handmade in our bakery.

Organic fruit and vegetables

Ditch the plastic packaging and buy loose fruit and vegetables from our grocery section. Source from organic farms in the UK such as Langridge Organics, Sarah Green, and Chegworth Valley, and from our very own organic farm in Suffolk.


Pay by weight.
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