Privacy and cookies

This page outlines the range of data e5 collects when you visit and interact with this website.

Our website cookies

  • Anonymous visitors: this is all visitors who do not log into the website with a user account. When a visitor arrives they are asked whether they accept cookies. In order to prevent re-asking on every page load, a cookie is set to avoid this. Consent may be withdrawn at any point by using the "Privacy Settings" tab at the bottom of the browser window.
  • Logged in visitors: this includes retail and wholesale customers who access the website with a user account. A session cookie will be set when you log in, this is in order to retain your logged-in status when loading new pages.

Third-party cookies and data sharing

By default, this sites does not expose or share your data or behaviour to any third parties. Only by voluntarily purchasing a product paying via Stripe, will you elect to share your data with another party (Stripe, for the sole purpose of making payment).


This website gathers anonymous statistical data for the purposes of providing e5 Bakehouse with an overview of visitor demographics.

This is powered by Mattoon - an alternative to Google Analytics with fewer privacy concerns or legal challenges.

Data storage and retention

Visitors may voluntarily supply and e5 may therefore collect personal data for the following purposes:

  • order fulfilment (including payment via a third party platform such as Stripe)
  • class or event registration (registrant details are stored for the the purpose of communicating)
  • joining a waiting list (registrant details are stored for the the purpose of communicating)
  • purchasing a gift certificate (sender details are stored, recipient details are not as there is no means of consent)