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‘Show and Tell with Sourced & E5’ will be organised every second month. Each event will be focused on the seasonal  ingredient discussed by Sourced Journeys. With backgrounds in restaurants, academia and food journalism, Dr. Anna Sulan Masing and Chloe-Rose Crabtree embrace the culinary world as insiders and researchers. The pair lead round table discussions, interview panels and intimate dinners that will take guests on ingredient-led explorations of sourcing as a concept and practice. 

We're happy to host a series of events here at e5 Bakehouse as we're always open to learn more about sourcing and gathering with people that have the same intentions when it comes to sustainable and thought through sourcing of any products used in our business.


- Sourced 2nd Birthday Event -



Join us to celebrate 2 years of Sourced through an exploration on Rot!

It may seem contradictory to celebrate our second-year running with an event centred on Rot but, in its own way, Sourced has grown as a contradiction to the rot of lazy thinking about food and drink. Like mycelial networks, we have connected spores of knowledge across the globe creating mushroomy blooms of people who care to explore and understand the food and drink systems that exist around us. Maybe the analogy is a bit of a stretch but you get the idea. So join us for an evening of rotten fun including music, food, fermentation vendors, speakers, and workshops at e5 Bakehouse!

The entry fee also includes a copy of our first ever printed zine! More info and details to come!


Schedule/workshops to be announced soon


This event is supported in part by the Food Wave project, an international campaign that aims to educate youth about the impact that food has on climate change. Through a range of activities and events, Food Wave seeks to encourage young people aged 15-35 to be more sustainable in their everyday food habits and to take action in their community. Food Wave is co-funded by the EU and promoted by the Municipality of Milan, together with 29 partners across 17 countries.

Find out more at or follow us on Instagram at @foodwaveproject and



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e5 Bakehouse


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The closest station is London Fields or Hackney Central (both Overground stations). There are permit holder parking restrictions on the surrounding streets between 8.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday, there should be available parking outside of these times.

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