Wild Food Walk with Fergus Drennan


A 3 hr in depth wild food walk covering both basic and advanced wild food skills.


1st Sunday of each month, running throughout the year.


Each walk will take place in a different London park or green space.


£30 per person. Full dates and booking via Fergus the Forager’s website:



These wild food walks of London parks and green spaces have been specifically designed to introduce you to foraging in a way that maximizes the use of our time together. This is achieved by providing clear information on the foraging basics, while simultaneously looking deeply into the skills required to get the maximum benefit from wild plants. This includes precise tips and guidance for working with the 20-30 specific plants and fungi we encounter on location, as well as detailed instruction regarding processes and techniques, for example, salt pickling, vinegar pickling, lacto-fermenting, cordial making, wine and spirit making, dehydrating, fruit leather creation, seasonings, and other preserving and food preparation techniques. In many instances those techniques will be brought to life by tasting the fruits of such labour.


On each fun, informative, and engaging course, expect to taste 10-15 different wild food creations, including Fergus’s soon to be world famous 150-different-plant-all-at-once biscuits! Most tasters suitable for vegan, gluten free, and nut free diets.


A full list of plants/fungi by both common and botanical name will be given free of charge to each participant.


For each location a 30+ page e-booklet can be purchased. This includes multiple photographs of each plant on the free list, plus a detailed recipe for each plant, as well as herbal usage, and the best ways to prepare and or store the plant.



Foraging can act as a magical gateway to the sensual wonders of the natural world. Uniquely flavoursome wild foods, rich in aromatic complexity, intriguing textures, and intricate beauty, lie all around us, yet often remain invisible and unnoticed. Although wild food knowledge is something to build over a life time of discovery, one hour can provide the perfect focussing of attention to botanically see ‘a world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.’


This can be realized not only because, at best, foraging itself is a flow state beyond time, but because, drawing on a near 30-year wealth of experiential knowledge, wild food expert Fergus Drennan will take you on a wild food journey that reveals secret potential in even the most familiar of wild plants. The humble bramble or blackberry will be revealed, on the contrary, to be a majestic beast of endless possibilities, native trees will be enticed to deliver up the sweetly nuanced complexity of molasses without a sugar cane plant in sight, and in one unexpected bite of crunchy and savoury abundance, you will experience the genuinely unique opportunity to eat 150 different wild greens all at once!


So imagine, if all that can be experienced in just one hour, what amazing possibilities lie ahead spending three hours together learning about wild plants!


Full details, dates and booking via Fergus the Forager’s website



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