Hackney Wild. Recipes from e5.

We are very excited to finally offer our long awaited book of e5 recipes, and to say this has been a labour of love is an understatement. The idea and beginnings of this book started six years ago but we’ve finally had the time and space to bring our ideas together. We decided to self-publish and have the book printed by Calverts – a local print cooperative in Hackney.


This book captures a decade of e5 Bakehouse, from the opening of the first arch, to all the intricacies of milling, farming, and creating a community surrounding our love of sourdough.


Inside the pages of Hackney Wild you will find an in-depth guide to sourdough, recipes for our favourite cakes and loaves, and stories of how e5 Bakehouse came to be.


Order your copy here.


We can’t wait to share our story and recipes with you!

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