Bread & Baskets at Fellows Farm

Join us for a 2 day back-to-basics workshop as we share our passions for real bread and the craft of willow weaving. We begin by mixing dough to make a sourdough bread, using stoneground heritage wheat flour, water and salt, and these simple ingredients will be much discussed. We will experiment with some different hydrations and proportions of leaven, seeing how subtle changes may affect the end product and use some of the dough for the evenings pizza, baked on the sole of the farm’s wood fired oven.

Whilst the dough rises we invite you to practice making a simple basket which you can use in the future as a proving basket for your sourdough bread. The technique is appropriate for a multitude of different basic shapes and so you will be well equipped to continue the craft at home.

We take pleasure in making sure you are well fed during the course and will use much produce from the farms organic market garden , meaning meals will be mostly vegetarian, as well as taking advantage of the excellent cheeses produced in our area.

If you are travelling by train our closest station is Westerfield where we are happy to collect and drop off using the farm’s electric vehicle.

We have a lovely quiet meadow with lots of spaces to pitch your tent.

The class is limited to 8 participants.



Ben & Femke


The course begins at midday on Saturday but we invite you to come a little earlier to set up your tent and have a cup of coffee, and the course ends around 3 p.m on Sunday



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