This is our nod to the growers, millers, roasters, juicers, apiarists, suppliers and importers who keep us stocked up with delicious and sustainable products.

Growing Communities

We first got to know Growing Communities when Ben carted loaves to Hackney City Farm, to coincide with the weekly vegetable box collection there.

In so doing he became acquainted with Ximena and learnt about the patchwork growing project G.C have implemented in East London.

A social enterprise, their HQ is in Stoke Newington and they are committed to community-led trade, harnessing the collective buying power of local communities and directing it towards farmers and growers working in low carbon, small-scale, sustainable ways.

They started an organic veg box scheme in 1994, and set up Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market in 2003. Growing Communities produce everything organically and won a highly commended in Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2011.

Growing Communities supplies e5 Bakehouse with Hackney-grown organically certified salad leaves, using an old milk float, Daisy.

We’re also proud to be a collection point for their veg box scheme.

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Sarah Green

Situated on the Essex coast, 50 miles from London, Sarah is the 3rd generation of her family farming in the village of Tillingham.

On the hunt for good local eggs, our neighbours, Hackney City Farm, recommended we start using Sarah’s, which are brought to London every Saturday.

Through this we soon learnt about their crop of seasonal vegetables and now receive these along with the fresh eggs.

Langridge Organic Products Ltd

Langridge Organic have their roots in the early 1980’s at Langridge Farm amidst the rolling hills of Devon. The soil, enriched by a sound ecosystem, of long rotational planting of crops and fertility-building leys.

The food from this system is renowned for its super flavour. Langridge now has growers throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world all working to the original uncompromising standard practiced by Bernard Govier, the founder and mentor.

The company delivers a variety of fresh seasonal products to e5 Bakehouse. These are expertly used in our daily lunches, pastries and other treats.

At E5 we support Langbridge’s commitment to source organic, quality produce. We also admire steps they take to reduce pollution.

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Flour: Shipton Mill

The finest flour is an essential ingredient of the E5 baking process.

Shipton Mill, based in Gloucestershire, deliver around 2 tonnes of freshly milled flour to the bakehouse each week.

We use a mix of organic white, spelt, and stoneground wholemeal.  The mill take the upmost care in delivering bakers a consistent product, achieved by blending grains from different farms.

At the mill the grain is tested in a variety of ways, including burning it to test for the ash content, a method for determining mineral content, and bran in the flour.

The miller will also test for the Hagberg falling number; the time taken for a metal ball to fall through a slurry of sprouted wheat.  The result shows the miller how mature the wheat is, in turn indicating how much of the enzyme amylase is present, an important factor in the baking process.

Flour: Cann Mill

Cann Mill, supplies some of our rye flour from its traditional water mill in Dorset, with the River Sturkel providing a quarter of the mill’s power requirements.

The business is in its fifth generation in Dorset returning to its roots of producing traditional stoneground flour.

Cann Mills source as much grain as possible locally keeping the food miles to a minimum. They don’t have any waste during their milling process. Any bran sifted from the flour is sold to local farmers to feed their cattle.

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Flour: Gilchester Organics

Deep in the heart of Northumberland on the site of a roman fort is the North East’s only organic flour mill. Gilchesters mill stone grinds rare breed grains they grow themselves into some of the finest flour you can lay your hands on.

We were impressed by their organic farming methods, including rotation of crops and animals on each field designed to ensure the soils are never depleted of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients. And their on-going conservation programme, now in its tenth year, replanting hedgerows, creating ponds and habitats for ground nesting birds as well as hunting strips for owls. Gilchesters also utilise a stone mill which roates at a slower speed than roller mills and importantly produces less grain damaging heat. The gentle process leaves a high concentration of minerals and vitamins intact. All of their flours still have the wheatgerm so are therefore rich in essential oils.

We knew we had to use some their hertitage grains in our baking. And were so pleased with the results of these important processes we named our hertitage wheat Gilchester Buns after them!


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Infinity Foods

Infinity Foods supply the bakery with dried organic produce, from the tasty wholesome grains ands seeds we use in a breads to ingredients for our cakes.

They’re a wide distributor or organic and natural foods, and share many of the same ethics as e5 Bakehouse in terms of aiming towards a zero-waste business.


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Dairy: Bianca La Buffala

Andrea lives on Mentmore Terrace, in East London and regularly pops in with his business partner, Andrea.

The two Andrea’s are passionate about soft italian cheeses, and began slipping us the occasional ball of buffalo mozzarella several years ago.

The quality of they supply is exceptional, and so we’re glad to be able to make use of their cheeses on our Pizza Sundays.

Dairy: Odysea Ltd.

Odysea Ltd Is placed on Cowper Street in London. In 1991 Panos Manuelides embarked on bringing the delights of the Greek cuisine to the UK, starting out by selling Greek olives from a stall on Portobello Road.

They now are experts in both Greek products and suppliers, and have an extensive knowledge of Greek cuisine.

Members of Odysea’s team have sourced the length and breadth of Greece in search of the finest local producers.

Some of the Odysea products we love the most include Roussas barrel aged feta, Roussas kefalotyri, Manouri cheese, rustichella orza, organic saffron stigmata, kalamata pitted olives and a variety of vinegars.


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Dairy: Neals Yard Dairy

Neals Yard Dairy supplies e5 Bakehouse with a smorgasbord of different sorts of hard and soft cheeses.

We not only use their produce in our daily lunch service but also sell a selection in our Millhouse shop.

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Dairy: Yeo Valley Ltd

A long established family business in Somerset, who run their dairy farm in accordance with strict organic farming standards. They manage the farm in an environmentally friendly manner, such as not using chemical fertilizers, instead opting for clover to naturally fertilize, and they plant hedges, trees and bird boxes. They also adopt an ethical trade policy in partnerships with other dairy farmers. In turn, we like to support business’ that nurtures this respect for the all denizens of the environment.

We source several dairy products from Yeo Valley including milk and yogurt.

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Meat: Black Hand Food

Hugo from Black Hand is a familiar face at e5 having worked here as one of our baking team before leaving to concentrate on his charcuterie.

Black Hand Food is dedicated to providing the best cured and dried meat from the best producers the UK has to offer. All of which are handmade in their workshop in Hackney.

They keep us stocked with a range of charcuterie for our sandwiches as well as the delicious sausage meat and bacon for our weekend brunch.

Beverage: Chash Tea

Chash tea may have an unual name derived from ‘chashitsu’, Japanese for ‘Tea Room’; but their aim is simple, to hunt out the worlds finest teas and put them in British tea cups around the UK.


As well as being passionate about showcasing quality tea they also care about the land it grows on. The material used for their tea pouches is biodegradable. The packaging is suitable for recycling and satisfies the 4 requirements of the EEC Environmental Commission.


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Beverage: Jaz and Jules

Jaz and Jules provide e5 with our seriously tempting hot chocolate.


All of their chocolate is fully traceable to the source of the cocoa, with clear supply chains to ensure high ethical standards and it’s organic to boot. They also go to great lengths to make sure all their packaging is compostable or recyclable.


Guilt free chocolate? Yes please.


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Beverage: Square Root Soda

Another East London startup, Square Root’s small batch sodas are handmade in Hackney by Ed and Robyn.

They’re made from real fresh fruit and natural sugars, none of that weird stuff! And they’re based just a stones throw away from e5 in another of our beloved railway arches.


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