Welcome to e5 Bakehouse: An independent, organic bakery in a spruced up railway arch beneath London fields Station.


Everything we bake, make or sell embodies our passion for artisan methods, organic local products and delicious food. Our breads are entirely hand-crafted, baked daily at sunrise by our team of bakers. We stone mill onsite and source other flours from local mills. Our bakery is home to a small, committed group of bakers, chefs and baristas, and we do our best to promote the work of local artists and entrepreneurs.  It is our belief that to bake beautiful and nutritious sourdough loaves, requires a clear conscience and a great deal of respect and care for our leaven- the life of our sourdough.


Created from a simple passion for quality bread and the joys of a back garden wood fired oven. Slowly, over the past few years we have grown organically; new elements added, recipes honed and with the help of our loyal customers the Bakehouse has flourished. With a strong desire to involve our surrounding community, we have learnt our trade though collaboration, study and experimentation and the support and feedback of our local neighborhood. It is an ongoing process which we hope to continue through work with local schools, community projects, artists and entrepreneurs.



With the finest flour at the essence of the e5 ideology we’ve put a lot of thought into where ours come from. All the flour we use is organic and we’re increasingly sourcing directly from UK farms who are growing diverse and ancient varieties of wheat. These are not only more flavoursome but of course sustainable. Suppliers such as Cann Mill, Shipton Mill and Gilchester’s Organics have provided us with the first rate UK organic flour which continues to feed the ongoing evolution of the Bakehouse and fuel our mission to use exclusively UK wheat.


In 2015 we took over a 3rd railway arch in order to house our stone mill and mill on site at the bakery using UK grains, enabling us to have the freshest and more nutrient rich flour for our loaves. Stone mill is an inherently cold extraction process that causes minimal damage to the vitamins and essential oils present in the grains.


With an equal commitment to locally sourced produce for our cafe, all of the vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy we use are organic, seasonal and supplied by producers we know and trust. You can read more about all the wonderful companies who supply us with fresh produce year round under ‘Provenance’ section of our website.


All of our energy is from renewable sources. Using biodegradable packaging, recycling our waste and composting are second nature as is delivering our bread to local cafes and restaurants using a custom made delivery bicycle.


Committed to a sustainable approach to business, we consider every element of our process to make sure our produce is good for the environment as it is for your stomach!

Our Bread

Our breads are a product of love – and time. Our recipes are simple, based on traditional techniques and natural ingredients; locally-sourced organic flour, which we are increasingly stone milling on site at the bakery, water and salt.


Aside from our baguettes, all of our loaves are borne of 100% sourdough starters. This means they are leavened entirely from wild yeast and bacteria starter doughs which we refresh daily.


Until the widespread use of commercial bakers yeast approximately 80 years ago all bread was leavened with wild yeast. Respiring less actively than commercial strains our sourdoughs’ depth of character and flavour develops through a slow-fermentation process that lasts up to 72 hours. This time allows the protein chains to naturally bond together, meaning the bread is more digestible and much better for your body.


The sour in sourdough is a by product of the bacteria in the dough. This bacteria create organic acids as they feed on naturally occurring sugars; by controlling the time and temperature the dough is proved at, the baker determines the flavour of the bread. At the right concentration this acidity is delicious and also preserves the freshness of the bread.


The head baker is Eyal Schwartz. Swapping neuroscience for baking Eyal moved to London with his young family 4 years ago to join the bakehouse in it’s infancy. Along with the support of a passionate team of bakers he has developed a fantastic range of international breads.


We believe we are making some of the most delicious breads in London; we invite you to come down and find out for yourselves.
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