Finnish Rye Bread Masterclass with Eliisa Kuusela

We are excited to be hosting “The Bread Lady” Eliisa Kuusela at e5 bakehouse for a special 2 day workshop exclusively about Rye Bread


Two Day Workshop 

3rd and 4th of December – 10am-5.30pm – £350



Why Finns love rye

How is rye different in baking? What to consider

What can you bake with rye? The great diversity of rye in baking

The health benefits of rye

Flour types and milling

Rye sourdough, What is rye root?



Hole bread and nomad rye flat breads. Very traditional and popular Finnish bread types

Archipelago bread, Sweet pan bread with malt

Karelian pirog and variations. Rice filling in rye crust. Delicious and popular savoury pastry.

Crisp bread / knekkebrod / näkkileipä


A knowledge of sourdough and the process of baking with a starter is required for this course.



Workshops will run at e5 bakehouse, E8 3PH

Refreshments on arrival and a seasonal organic lunch and afternoon coffee and cake will be provided for all days.



Spaces are limited, to book please call the e5 office.


0208 525 2890











“Hello London!


I am The Bread Lady or The Mother of Sourdough Bread Bakers in Finland (or that is what I’ve often been called). I’m a multitasker in the bread world sharing my knowledge and experience through books, workshops, online courses and in my community of more than 10,000 members of Finnish sourdough bakers on Facebook. I also work with bakeries, farmer and millers, helping to better intergrate the bread chain, educate and increase collaboration.



What is special in Finland is our long tradition with rye. Rye bread is our national food and it’s baked in multiple different variations. it is a true super cereal!

Nutritious with many health benefits. Yet Finnish rye bread is not very well known outside Scandinavia. My mission is to spread knowledge about this super cereal to the world.


Let’s get our hands in rye dough and have some fun!







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