Baking for a Living

A course with Andrew Whitley at e5 bakehouse, November 23-26, 2018


What is it?

This is a hands-on course for;

-people planning to bake bread for sale who are considering the best way to establish a viable operation

-those who are already baking for their community who want to make better bread and who need advice on scaling up recipes, bakery equipment and workflow, product costings and regulatory standards (such as organic certification) 

-anyone interested in artisan and community-supported baking who would like to broaden their knowledge and product range, together with discussions on the ethos and practicalities of this exciting new way of working 


What will we do?

The course alternates practical baking based around key fermentation methods and baseline products with business sessions on;

-starting a micro bakery

-scale, layout, equipment & compliance

-product costing and marketing

-production planning and logistics


There will be an emphasis on managing more diverse and nutrient-dense flours. Participants will each receive a Workbook with useful information, prompts and links. The course culminates with a ‘team bake’ in which some of the concepts learned during the course are put into practice with a mix of collaboration and friendly competition.


Who is it for?

Bakers who are interested in starting or running artisan and community bakeries, especially those with a commitment to Real Bread and diverse, non-conventional grains and flour and sourdough fermentation.


Venue and times

Place: e5 Bakehouse, 395 Railway Arches Mentmore Terrace London E8 3PH


Dates: Friday November 23rd – Sunday November 25th, 10 am – 5 pm;

Monday November 26th, 10 am – 1 pm.




£450 for the class, including refreshments and a seasonal organic lunch each day.


We are not taking online bookings for this class, please give us a call on 02085252890 to book a place. We will take £100 deposit at this stage, the remainder of the balance to be paid two weeks before the date of the class.


Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.



Andrew Whitley founded the Village Bakery in Melmerby (Cumbria) in 1976 with a simple proposition: to make wholemeal bread with British wheat and bake using renewable energy in wood-fired ovens. When he launched sourdough rye bread in a major UK supermarket in 1990 he emerged as a de facto leader in the re-birth of artisan baking in the UK. With over twenty years’ experience under his belt, he started to teach others how to bake in the late 1990s. He left The Village Bakery in 2002, did a Masters in Food Policy at City University and wrote Bread Matters, the book which ‘changed the way we think about bread’ in the words of the Special Judges Award at the BBC Food & Farming Awards (2012). He co-founded the Real Bread Campaign in 2008.


He moved his popular Bread Matters courses to Scotland in 2009 and established a small agroforestry experiment which combined trees, fruit and vegetables with extensive trials on heritage and genetically diverse varieties of wheat, spelt, rye, emmer and einkorn. With his wife Veronica Burke, Andrew established Scotland The Bread as a non-profit Community Benefit Society in 2016 with the aim of making locally-grown organic nutrient-dense grains the basis for a just, healthy and sustainable Scottish diet. Scotland The Bread now mills its own wholemeal flour and trains community bakers to develop tasty, nutritious and appropriately fermented bread. 


As Andrew says, “I’ve been at this long enough to have made every possible mistake and am delighted to help other people not to do likewise. Above all, I still believe that making good bread for our fellow citizens is a noble enterprise and on this course I’ll be sharing some of the why as well as the how”.

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