Welcome to e5's pastry section

After bread, there are cakes…

As with everything else we make, our cakes and pastries embody the e5 bakehouse food ethic: Fresh, seasonal, organic and (as much as possible) locally sourced. Everything is made from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients available. Inspired by a range of local and international influences, we strive for creativity and variety in our daily menu. On offer are traditional British eccles cakes and bakewell tarts, as well as some cafe classics, such as chocolate brownies, carrot cake, cinnamon buns and our extra special crème brûlée tarts.


We also strive to offer wheat and dairy free options for those with a dietary requirement and a sweet tooth.


Everything is made for sale in our bakehouse. If you’d like to order something sweet for a special occasion give us a call with a couple of days notice and we’ll see what we can whip up.

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