E5 Bakehouse are bringing the art of sourdough baking to Hackney. Everything we bake, make or sell embodies our passion for artisan methods, organic local products and delicious food. Our breads are entirely hand-crafted and baked daily, at sunrise; we source our flours from local mills and deliver our goods by bicycle. We even serve coffee from a local east-end roaster. But we are also creating a new kind of community space in London. Our bakery is home to a small, committed group of bakers, chefs and barristas, and we do our best to promote the work of local artists and entrepreneurs. To consistently bake beautiful sourdough loaves, requires a great deal of attention and care of the leaven. Leaven incidentally coming from the German word leben, meaning life.


The bakehouse was founded several years ago by Ben MacKinnon.  Frustrated by a track of unsatisfying careers he was searching for a more hands on job, and whilst on sabattical he baked a loaf  and thought, maybe baking? Returning to Hackney, and fresh from a short course at the School of Artisan food, he began supplying his neighbours with bread once a week.  Inspired, and with his sisters help, he built a wood fired ‘rocket oven’ in a railway arch, and so the bakehouse began.  


E5′s head baker is Eyal Schwartz. Swapping neuroscience for baking, Eyal moved to London with his young family 3 years ago, to become part of the team that began moulding e5 into the bakery it is today. Eyal is responsible for making sure our sourdough leavens remain healthy. He manages the team of 8 bakers, and regularly shares his knowledge in our weekly baking classes. Our goal is to advance our craft, as we share knowledge, expertise and commitment with our customers and friends.


Come join the sourdough revolution in London Fields!

Our Bread

Our breads are a product of love – and time. Our recipes are simple, based on traditional techniques and natural ingredients. Each of our loaves are borne of one of three sourdough starters, locally-sourced organic flour, water and salt. That is the essence of great sourdough bread. Our breads’ depth of character and flavour develops through a slow-fermentation process that lasts up to 72 hours. Every bread is mixed, kneaded and shaped by hand, then baked fresh daily before the crack of dawn. We believe we are making some of the most delicious breads in London; we invite you to come down and find out for yourselves.
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